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Excel Saga
I'll confess:  I'm not a PVP person.  I would very much rather raid and go about my business in WoW.  However, I cannot deny the overwhelming fact that Wrath has simply grown too long in the tooth and I had to find something else to do.  Okay, so I had about 400 frost badges and 600 triumph badges stocked, and then went out to buy a quickie PVP set.

Now, its has been two weeks since I officially began PVP'ing, and I must say its different, but not that exciting.  However, it is new and I intend to stick with it until Cata claws me back towards (UGH!!!) leveling my toons again.  But there is one thing I will admit here and now ever since I started PVP'ing:  Blood elves are the most obnoxious class ever to grace this game.  I swear they are grinning every time I fight em and they deserve to die, again and again and again and again....with a side of a 10-ton warhammer smashing into their bishie faces.

I do believe I'll never roll a Belf as long as I play this game.  Freaks, all of em.

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Which kind of pvp? Wintergrasp, battlegrounds, arena, all of the above?

I ask 'cause arena is different and diverse enough to be nearly a game on its own. Everything you learn in battlegrounds is pushed to the extreme, and past it.

Wintergrasp and BGs are hella fun without the committment, I love rolling a healer into those places just to dork up enemy strategies. "about to kill this guy... just a bit more... oh HELL, who just filled up his HP bar?! who just unfroze him?!"

Right now, its just BGs. I only PVP on my paladin (yeah, smack/bubble/heal/heal/heal) since I am figuring out the bugs and working a routine. However, a couple of guildies would like to make an arena team just to earn honor, even from just showing up and losing.

BGs are no worry to me, but arenas do make me abit nervous. Only time will tell.

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