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PVP rant
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I'm pissed.

Alliance suck, nay DEVOUR, the balls off a dead goat when it comes to PVP.  Gah, bashed my head for the team trying to defend flags and what do I get???  A buttload of Horde up my rear end and nothing but excuses and insults from others, who in turn can't do better.

Went 1-8 tonight, not winning the honor weekend and only getting an Arathi Basin win with the skin of the allies' teeth.

Damn, why does my battlegroup all have idiots?

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Hopefully rated battlegrounds will fix the issue.

It seems like Alliance folks only run BGs when they want something else. :D

I dunno, as I don't get the concept of rated battlegrounds. Stupidity seems to show up despite all the hurdles put up against it.

Only time will tell.

Basically, rated battlegrounds are for people who are serious about PVP. You need to assemble a premade raid on your own server in order to take part in these, so it pretty much guarantees accountability. And if you join a rated battleground, you increase your pvp rating, which opens up the possibility for the top grade of PVP gear (mostly weapons).

I haven't really been keeping up with it though, it seems like rated BGs will roll out in Cataclysm. Check out this post for more: http://cynwise.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/preparing-for-rated-battlegrounds/

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