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Warcraft 4.0.1
Excel Saga
Yeeeesh, playing WoW these days on patch 4.0.1 has been nothing but a headache.  New talents, new "priority rotations" (sounds like an oxymoron to me), new glyphs, and most of all, a new approach in playstyle.  But despite all the new stuff that abounds, sadly there is a TON of broken code in the game that has driven me to the edge of insanity.

I am keenly aware and have accepted the fact that Blizzard took a refined version of the PTR on the live servers in an attempt to polish everything before the big Cataclysm launch on December 7th.  However, I was frustrated to the point of outright quitting WoW with the so-called "Cogwheel of Doom"  Never heard of it?  Lucky you.  Just google it and all will be revealed.

Now, there is a temporary "fix" to this; simply run two macros before actually going cross-server, but it only reminds me that the game I enjoy is currently and deliberately broken.  I've been trying to understand the new tanking mechanics (no more WOTLK style tanking, but a revamp of the old TBC style), but I've almost stopped playing just to wait for Blizzard to release a new patch.  Eh, I am dead tired of ICC, all the 5-mans, and even the World Events (Hallow's End is currently live).

Ugh, December 7th just can't come fast enough, but then again, I feel like I don't care anymore :(

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I don't mind the new tanking styles.

'course, I avoid paladins on general principle now...

Druid... I basically got used to. DK hardly seems any different at all, aside from getitng some nifty new cooldowns.

And I can safely say that out of all the bugs we're having now, that's just a very small fraction of what was in the game. They'll fix 'em, just give 'em time.

The good thing about the holidays is I can just run those on my alts, and be done and sated with a 2-minute fight rather than a 15-minute failstravaganza.

No, I don't mind the tanking styles either as it was simply a minor adjustment in playstyle for my paladin. Currently on my DK, its a different and scarier story since AOE threat is almost nonexistant anymore.

Oh, as of today and the minor patch that came with the regular Tuesday reset, it looks like Blizzard fixed the Cogwheel issue and spectating bugs.

Btw, how many avatars you and Lilly have? (I have six, four being level 80 right now).

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AOE threat is in a weird place. In Ulduar this week our DK managed to get control a lot faster than my druid did.

In order of ascension:

Dre: 80 Druid, 80 Paladin, 80 Mage, 80 Priest, 80 Death Knight, 31 Warlock, 27 Shaman, Bank Alt, (future Worgen Warrior), (future worgen or goblin hunter)

Lilly: 80 Druid, 80 Hunter, 80 Warlock, 80 Rogue, 80 Mage, 80 Death Knight, 50 Shaman, 48 Warrior, Bank Alt, (future goblin Shaman)

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