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As per

Instructions: Comment on this post. I will then choose seven interests from your profile and reply to you with them. Repost this meme in your own journal along with the explanations of what each chosen interest means and why you're interested in it.

1. Astronomy: I have always been fascinated with the stars and space in general.  I never get bored just looking up at night to see what I can see and name the constellations and stars as they slowly pass by.  I even put my knowledge to the test back in seventh grade at the regional Science Olympiad Astronomy challenge.  That event allowed for two people to team up and figure out the stars.  I placed third in that event and went on to place fifth in the statewide challenge, solo.  Yep, I love astronomy that much to win it against the brightest the state had back in 1991.  Today, I still venture outside at night at my parent's house in the country away from city lights to see what the heavens have to offer.

2. Beaches:  Ever since I have been a little boy, my family would always go to the beaches at least once a year.  I would look forward to that trip ever  year, and as time went on and the family got more money, we were going sometimes more than once.  Things really took a turn when we got a condo at Atlantic Beach, thus setting things up for me to go at any time.  Today the condo is gone, but we have a trailer in Emerald Isle now.  I always liked the beach, and it is my retirement goal to have my own place there one day.

3. Chemistry: Chemistry is my modus operandi, my career.  I found out early in life that I was a nerd at heart, and that science was my favorite subject.  I would be reading books on science, the encyclopedia, and watching science shows while others would listen to music or play games.  I got interested in chemistry when I got a old chemistry set for Christmas.  Interest in the subject really spread when I was about to go to college and let my inner nerd decide how I could apply myself for the rest of my life.  I would say this: if astronomy had offered a better financial incentive and was offered at MS to PhD levels in this state, I would have been an astronomer instead.

4. Gundam: Ahh, gundam.  The quintessential mecha that defines all other mecha in anime and pretty much anything else.  Gundam ranks as one my favorite pieces of anime, starting with the 1970-80's original series to today's Gundam 00.  I never get bored with it and would love to have all that there is in my VHS/DVD collection.  My first gundam exposure was Gundam X in 1997 at Katsucon 3 and almost a week later I was watching Gundam Wing through fansubs. From there I would slowly see the other shows, especially when Bandai started to release each series in the states starting in 2000.  I have models from some series in my office (most of them not put together, simply out of laziness), and posters of Gundam used to adorn my walls in college.  I still follow up with what is coming out and I eagerly look forward to what is next.

5. Megaman: Megaman (or Mega Man) is my favorite video game character.  I first played Megaman 2 way back in 1989 and was hooked.  My brother would get Megaman 3 in 1991, and we would play that game almost every day.  Today, I still know each part of that game well enough to know what to do if I were to fire up my old NES and started MM3.  I would rent out MM4 to MM6 with some interest, but when Megaman X came out on SNES, I was set as a fan for life.  Today, I own MM7 and MMX1-3 on the SNES, MM4-6 on the Playstation, and Megaman Command Mission and Anthologies on the Playstation2.  One my most prized music set in my collection is the official Megaman X1-6 OST CD from Capcom, sold through only from one retailer in the USA.  Every once and awhile, I would play the MMX games and at least once a week I would listen to a MMX song on CD or on my computer.  Yep, I never get bored with Megaman.

6. Surf-fishing: Surf fishing is one of the newer hobbies in my life.  I got into it when I started going to the beach with my expanded family members back in 1998.  You see, my mother's side of the family has a history of surf fishing thanks to my Grandfather, a man who sadly passed away before I could get to know him.  But he was one hell of a fisherman and had a place just north of Cape Lookout that he regularly visited with Grandma, his children (mom, my aunt, and uncle), and the families of my aunt and uncle.  Many stories were told of the family going fishing at Cape Lookout, and those stories still inspire my aunt and her husband and my oldest cousin with his family to continue surf fishing.  As for myself, thanks to those family members I too have gotten hooked, lined, and sunk'ed (pun not intended) with surf fishing, and I sincerely want to make it a regular occurrence and hobby as I get older.  Today, it my primary reason to visit the beach and part of the reason why I want to retire at the beach (see #2 above).  It is not that easy to get into by yourself and would very much rather have company with me when I do go fishing, but thanks to my Grandfather and my family's history of going to the beach, I was raised with sand in my blood and that alone is enough to get me to take up a rod and reel.

7. Two-Mix: Two-Mix was, and still is, one of my favorite Jpop groups from Japan.  I first heard their music when I watched Gundam Wing (see #4 above) and loved their style.  In fact, techno and electronica are two music genres that I like and Two-Mix plays both styles very well with a fast beat.  Two-Mix is a great group to dance to and I've looked forward to dancing to them during the early days of anime cons.  I own 19 of their CDs and a couple of remixes I've heard online.  Sadly, the group ran into trouble when they did not, or could not, make new songs that didn't sound like their older ones and broke up.  However, like my Megaman music, I would occasionally listen to Two-Mix from time to time.  I don't believe that there will be another group like Two-Mix, but then again I would not want another group since the music is already good enough.

Oooh, a shiny new KOF
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Okay you King of Fighters fans, if you have not heard of it or seen it yet, start drooling.....

King of Fighters XII and a video preview!

Notes for a fan of Rock Band
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Okay, I need to make several notes for myself.

One: Playing Rock Band with your fellow co-workers every Saturday is an awesome way to spend the weekends.  Especially when it turns into a party of five to ten people.  However, if I want to be able to use my left hand for say, the rest of my life, taking time off from playing the guitars would be a very good idea.  Drums would be nice if I can ever get figure out how to coordinate my hands and feet.  Singing?  Hahahaha.......no.

Two: After attending said parties, take a Tylenol PM so that I can get some sleep and not be tossing and turning hearing "Wanted Dead or Alive", "In Bloom", and "Blitzkrieg Bop" in my head over and over again.  Sundays have been brutal lately as I catch up on loss sleep.

Gundam 00 thoughts
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Note that I will not reveal any plot details.  In fact, three words come to mind of what I think of Gundam 00 from watching the first episode.....

Gundam Wing Redux

I can't even fully describe the similarities as there are too many:  the main character, the pilots' moods, the goal of the organization, the main benefactor, the list goes on and on.  Of course one would have to watch Gundam Wing in the first place to compare, but so far all I see is a redux of Wing from Gundam 00.  However, it is Gundam and I will keep track of it from time to time.  All I hope for is that 00 will be better executed than that of the last gundam show: Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny

Careers meme
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Thought I give it a shot, even though I'm trying to work on my current career.

1. Go to http://www.careercruising.com/
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top results.
5. Bold the ones you've done, and italicize the ones you've considered. Strikethrough those you strongly dislike.

Here are the results


Agricultural Engineer



Environmental Engineer



Chemical Engineer



Mechanical Engineering Tech



Civil Engineering Tech



Environmental Technician



Aerospace Engineer



Combat Engineer



Civil Engineer



Mechanical Engineer






Petroleum Engineer



Biomedical Engineer






Computer Engineer



Electrical Engineer



Engineering Tech



Land Surveyor



Stationary Engineer



Materials / Metallurgical Engineer






Survey Tech









Forestry Technician





















Crane Operator



Heavy Equipment Operator



Hydrologist / Hydrogeologist



Avionics Tech



Mining Engineer














What??? No chemist??? Its almost all engineering jobs! 

Sheesh, I knew I shoulda went to Virginia Tech (that is, IF they ever returned my initial reply after I graduated from ECU).  On the other hand, had realized of my interest in the ocean and beach ecology back at ECU, I would have been an environmental engineer or coastal marine scientist of sorts.  Sadly, there was not alot of money in those jobs, so I stuck to chemistry (not saying that it was a bad idea anyhow....)

New Computer and Bioshock
Excel Saga
Over the past few days, I have been putting together my new computer.  And let me say that for a first time builder, this took longer than it did.  Here are the specs:

CPU: Q6600
Mobo: MSI Neo2 P35
Graphics: 8800GTS, 640megs
Ram: 2 gigs  DDR-6400
HD: 320 gigs + 200 gigs external
Sound: Onboard
Keyboard: Logitech G15
Mouse: Logitech G5
Monitor: Samsung 226bw LCD
O/S: XP 32-bit

This is truly the most powerful computer I've ever had.  Yeah, I know I could have put in Vista, but I'm going to wait a few more months to a year so that the first Service Pack can come out.  This computer has so far aced everything thing I could throw at it: HL2, CS:S, F.E.A.R., Company of Heros, and lastly Bioshock.

Gah, Bioshock.  That game is one ruthless, yet visually beautiful game.  The whole setting takes place in a Silver Age of fantasy setting.  Kinda like a twisted sister to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  However, even on medium setting its quite tough as the locals, aka the Species, are hard to kill if you go gun-ho.  Best way to survive is picking them one at a time with tatics and a combo of plasmids and hot lead.  Thankfully, my new computer runs it well, even though the game eats half the entire resources available (ram and cpu...yeah, two cores working the game).  I got the fire plasmid before stopping since the game is so visually creative it gives me a headache to play.  Odd way to put it, but the eyes are trying to see everything on this 22 inch monitor at once and the mind can only think so fast.

I have yet to run into one of the BigDaddies, but then again, I'm not looking forward to that part....

Rabid fan or alcohol-intolerant music freak?
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Coldplay karaoke sends woman into rage

A woman attacked a karaoke singer belting out Coldplay on Thursday night, telling him he "sucked" before she pushed and punched him to get him to stop singing, bar staff said.........Patrol officers and detectives then arrived at the neighborhood bar and blocked off the street, which inflamed the woman's rage even more, a police report said. Before police could handcuff the woman, she headbutted the off-duty officer at least twice......According to bartender notes, she had only a single shot of Jagermeister.

Its news like this why I would never do karaoke.  Too many flyweights in the audience.


Harry Potter 7
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Bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Saturday and finished it some 9 hours later on Sunday.

Fourth of July; Transformers
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I came back from a five day vacation over the weekend starting on evening of July 3rd.  I went down to the family trailer in Emerald Isle for what proved to be a much-needed and very enjoyable vacation.  The Fourth was celebrated with about 11 of my family members and a front-row view of the fireworks on top of my cousin's trailer deck.  The Fifth was spent fishing with another distant cousin at Atlantic Beach by taking a boat to the north-side of Shackleford Banks.  I caught one flounder and a "Preacher Fish", a fish I can only describe as a mini version of a barracuda but brown.  Sadly, the fish were taking vacations themselves and the overall fishing was not productive.  But I did catch myself a bit of a deeper tan though.

The Sixth and Seventh were spent taking it easy and doing little to nothing except lounging around and a bit of sidewalk shopping at Emerald Isle.  I read "Shadowstuff" by Kemp and "Darkvision" by Cordell, both new books in the Forgotten Realms universe.  Looks like the face of Faerun is about to change for the dramatic in the next few months according to "Shadowstuff."  The only other thing I did was help Dad around the trailer doing odds and ends such as restaining our deck and putting up a new fan in the living quarters.

I came back to Greenville early Sunday to beat the rush out of the beach (believe me, traffic is horrible on the side of the Island where I was at).  After an afternoon of getting my bearing back, I went to go see "Transformers" at the new Greenville Grand.  I won't go into too much detail, mostly as I'm too psyched from the movie itself; it truly was a ride from start to finish!  Oh man, the action was good and the plot was pretty decent, although it will not win any Oscars, but if anybody disses the movie because of a weak plot and cheesy lines, well they really don't deserve to be in the room.  I'd go back to watch it again, and that is really a rare thing for me since movies these days are expensive and the DVD comes soon after the release.  Oooh man, I was reliving the 80's and all the G1 Transformers while watching, randomly thinking of old quotes from the TV shows and the animated movie of 1986, being a geek in total bliss the entire time!

Now if you will excuse me, I need to call my brother and tell him to find any and all Transformers we might still have in our family's attic  More than meets the Eye, baby!

Excel Saga
Wow,  I've nearly forgotten that I had an account here.  Its been so long since I last posted, due to interests lying elsewhere in the world (mostly a good thing).

Well, its now summer and summer means vacations and beach trips.  Fourth of July is nearly here and I eagerly look forward to some much-needed surf fishing.  That and a potential sunburn.....hehe.

I'll be back with some more posts and changes to the profile.  Like my current office, it sorely needs an overhaul and thorough cleaning.  Now, where did I put that broom.....


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