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Hearing is expensive
Excel Saga
I will start off with a question:  what would you spend for if you had $6000?  Surely a number of things come to mind, but for me, I went and done something I should have done sooner:  New Hearing Aids.

It was and event coming sooner or later as my old ones were slowly dying, being 11 years old and still working.  But I admit, 6k isn't something I would simply hand out.  Thankfully, I had the funds just for moments like this.

As for my new set of earbuds, these things are quite impressive.  They are nearly invisible behind my ear, they are programmable to be fully adjustable specifically for my needs, they have noise suppression technology, and are Bluetooth-ready.  I can really notice a difference in conversations now.  So much so that I realized that I was missing out alot in things.  They feel awkward now, but it won't be long before I get used to them.  All I need is a few more months of savings to make up for the cost!

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:D That's one way to spend money for something useful! I'm glad they are helping that much.

Yeah, so far this has been a good $6k expense. I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from having them.

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