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Thoughts on Cataclysm
Frost Rune
Well, it has been roughly two months since WoW:Cataclysm went live, and so far I can sum it up in one resounding "Ehhhhh...."

Its not that I don't like it, but with the increased difficulty in heroics and the raids, things seem to go at a snail's pace. By the time I finish one heroic, I'm already dead tired (especially the ones like Halls of Origination with its seven bosses, damn place qualifies as a mini-raid) and only got 70 points and no loot (which btw on my main, he doesn't need anymore heroic gear). As for raids, well with my guild so far we only downed MagnaMaw and almost got Omnotron last night, but I get the feeling that none of the Cata raids will be on farm status any time soon (btw again, Tol Barad doesn't count....blasted boss is a snooze-fest). Thus the progression of things appears slow, but steady at best.

I don't know. I have not found anything exciting yet, but its not like that the game is bad now that Blizzard decided to cave in to hard-core players demanding more of an effort. I just worry that end-game completion may be only limited to the hard-core folks, while the casual crowd gets a pat-on-the-back for effort and reduced to have-nots. Thus the source of some of my less-than-steller review of the game. I don't want it to be hard to the point where I cannot relax while playing, nor to have the goals and rewards kept out of reach without an effort that demands near perfect execution by players and groups. That defeats the purpose of a game: to relax and have fun. Perhaps WotLK spoiled me and alot of other people.

In the meantime, its grinding for rep and chewing glass on raid bosses. Somebody pass the salt and the antacid, please.

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Well, I can agree with you on some parts concerning Wrath: Halls of Reflection and anything related to the ICC-raid. Everything else seemed easy to me. Cataclysm was a bit change in things, but when I talked to the guys who played The Burning Crusade, Cata seems like a "return to what it supposed to be," quoted a fellow guildmate.

Yeah, I too have been leveling some alts while I wait for guild events. It goes alot faster with the guild perks.

Btw, have you and Lilly checked your emails? I sent you two a message.

I don't check email all that often, since they block it at work now and I usually don't think to once I get home. XD;

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